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Super Happy Fun Land hosts Weredragon Scholars tonight!


AJ, Kellyn, and Dathan of Weredragon Scholars

Going to Super Happy Fun Land is always a good idea, but tonight will be extra special because the super talented Weredragon Scholars plan to rock it out! As if the name-your-own-price beers, nice staff, and awesome atmosphere aren’t enough, Dathan, Kellyn, and AJ will be bringing their fun weirdness (or is it weird funness?) to the stage tonight at 8pm. According to Dathan, frontman and vocalist for the group, they are working on a new EP, Prophocitese, The Moth God, which I hope is as psychedelic as the name sounds. He also mentioned that they will be bringing a more natural, acoustic sound to their live performance.

Also playing is Whitman, a gothic/experimental pop group from California, according to their myspace. The lineup also includes Clark Eight. Should be an awesome time!