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Super Friday and a prediction from one spot on primate who has an amazing record

Ape chooses the Seahawks to win the Superbowl

There is no denying it - there is a tension in the excitement spreading across the nation as the big NFL championship game approaches on Sunday.

Yes, Superbowl Sunday - it is the final countdown.

Analysts are giving their professional opinions, fans are looking for anything to support their favored teams, holding tight to superstitions and good luck charms and searching for clues that support their team as the champion.

On Thursday, Seattle fans were able to take solace in the choice made by an ape who has accurately chosen the Superbowl winner since 2006.

According to ESPN, Eli the ape, who resides at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah, chose the Seattle Seahawks to triumph over the Denver Broncos in Sunday's Superbowl face off.

It is a choice sure to please the masses of devoted 12th man fans; the 13-year-old ape is apparently better than the Vegas odd-makers when it comes to choosing the Superbowl winners.

Denver Bronco fans need not worry - there is another amazingly accurate, "clairvoyant" aquatic mammal who recently made a prediction of his own.

According to TIME, Buffet the Manatee has also chosen the correct Superbowl winner for six years running - his selection this year...The Denver Broncos.

Game on!

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