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Super-fab, all natural: The Mod Cabin

Better, naturally: The Mod Cabin-slide0
Kenneth Fish

Every once in a while, packages arrive at the front door filled with goodies. Sometimes these goodies are really good, sometimes, not so good. This time, the goodies are the kind of goodies that make me go OH GOODY!

Seriously, though, the box of goodies that recently arrived from The Mod Cabin is the perfect combination of products for me, a middle-aged, bald, bearded dude, so it is quite likely that they will be pretty darn close to perfect for the men who read this column. We’re talking about a couple new grooming (beard) oils, a tin of mustache wax, and something entirely new to me that comes in a squirt-top bottle called “cleansing oil.”

Grooming Oils
These little brown vials contain the secret to a healthy, manageable beard. The Mod Cabin uses argan and jojoba oils, both of which have been used by women for ages to keep their lengthy locks from breaking and getting seriously tangled, and therefore, damaged. These rather luxurious oils can also be used as a pre-shave to help minimize skin irritation, or as a conventional aftershave.
As the Ridge Runner oil warms in your hand, scents of sweet lime and bitter orange spring to life followed by warm hints of clove and notes of toasted vanilla and caramel. The overall scent is masculine, yet inviting and warm. If the “strong, silent type” had a signature scent, Ridge Runner would be it.
The Miner’s Mint grooming oil, on the other hand, is a bit more assertive. Up front, Miner’s Mint is musky, but not overbearingly so. This forenote is brightened up a bit by the fresh scent of spearmint. At the very tail-end, there is a hint of bourbon that is borderline intoxicating. The combination of the three scents is all man, all the time. This is easily one of my favorite scents.

Mustache Wax
The Mod Cabin Mustache Wax is the king of control. With its beeswax base, it is considerably stiffer than your average pomade and way beyond a beard balm. Whether it’s a set of handlebars you seek or merely an attempt at being well kempt, this wax can manage it.

Alchemy Cleansing Oil
Until the box of goodies containing this oil arrived, the idea of applying an oil to my flesh as a means of cleaning was one that never actually occurred. For soft, almost glowing, skin, however, you cannot go wrong with The Mod Cabin’s Cleansing Oil. I rub a little in on my cheeks and forehead (the only part of my face not covered by beard) and then rinse it off in the shower. It’s super easy, and it feels like a special treat.

To read about some of the other products from The Mod Cabin, click here. For more information or to make a purchase, click here. For pricing and pictures, feel free to peruse the slide show.

**Full disclosure: These products were provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be silly.

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