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Super Bowl XLVIII debacle the perfect paradigm of the Obama presidency

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Peyton Manning says the Broncos won the Super Bowl, the media is misreporting the facts, and he made no errors in his execution of plays during the game. Had Manning actually done this he would be echoing Obama’s interview with O’Reilly and his denial that there is any corruption in his administration. The debacle that Super Bowl XLVIII was for the Broncos is a perfect paradigm of what the Obama presidency has been for America.

The Irresistible Force meets the Immovable Object. This time the Irresistible Force is the one that was shattered as the Denver Broncos’ incredible offense was crushed by the Seattle Seahawks’ indomitable defense. The game that started with a completely boneheaded error that resulted in an opening play safety and went downhill from there, reminiscent of Obama’s inauguration wherein he declared the “this is the day the rise of the oceans slowed, and our planet began to heal” while millions of jobs were lost.

That the Seahawks didn’t attempt to score in the last two minutes of the first half is no different than the GOP not making a serious attempt to win the presidency with Mitt Romney. The fiasco continued in the second half with a kickoff touchdown return that was a reflection of the ObamaCare rollout at the beginning of Obama’s second term. Obama has been slandering the TEA Party and FOX News saying they are saddling him with “phony scandals,” all the while the Obama administrations record of corruption flows unabated to the president’s constant whining and denials.

Now, Democrats are giving up winning the House and desperately trying to hold onto the Senate, while the GOP moderates are attempting to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by allying with liberal Democrats for amnesty in order to defeat the TEA Party conservatives. The reason for this is they do not want to have a mandate demanding they reduce spending and taxes so they can have their turn at the taxpayer’s trough. Both liberals and moderates believe that the people exist to serve the government, while it is Christian conservatives, people of the same caliber of character as the Founders, who believe government exists to serve the people.

America has been in decline for the past five years and the only answers Americans get when they ask why are either Obama’s lies or Pelosi’s “I don’t know,” but there is never an opportunity that Democrats pass up the chance to blame Bush, Republicans, and conservatives of the TEA Party. Low information voters only know what they are told and don’t learn from their own mistakes in voting Democrat. The American Dream is being flushed down the toilet by greedy liberal socialists and their moderate big government allies.

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