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Super Bowl XLVIII: Budweiser drops 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl ad for 2014

Budweiser unveiled its 2014 Super Bowl ad called 'Puppy Love' on Wednesday's 'Today' show.
Budweiser unveiled its 2014 Super Bowl ad called 'Puppy Love' on Wednesday's 'Today' show.Mashable/Getty images

Budweiser is going straight for the heartstrings with its new Super Bowl ad, revealed exclusively Wednesday morning on the Today show.

The 60-second spot is already being called "destined for great things" by Adweek on Jan. 29. This year's Budweiser Super Bowl ad is being described as a sort of sequel to their last year's "Brotherhood" ad.

That Super Bowl spot, about a baby Clydesdale and its trainer, was one of the most well-received and best-loved Bud ads in a long time. So this year, the beer giant went back to the baby theme.

The new commercial spot follows a 10-week-old puppy as he bonds with a group of new Clydesdales on a nearby farm, and grows up with them.

Even though he has to overcome some obstacles, his "dogged" determination earns him a spot on the team that pulls the iconic Budweiser wagon.

Ben Popken of NBC says it's sort of like the movie "Rudy," if it were to be told by animals. The actor who played the trainer in last year's ad, Don Jeanes, reprises his role.

The theme music is once again an important player in the advertisement. Last year it was Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide." This year it's Passenger's "Let Her Go".

During 2013's Super Bowl, the Budweiser Clydesdale spot was one of the most widely shared online. This year, the beer brewer is hoping for a replay.