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Super Bowl XLIV: Indianapolis Colts

Glass Tile Pendant 7/8 inches - Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Horseshoe Bracelet

Super Bowl XLIV is literally right around the corner, and everything is set for an incredible match up Sunday night.    Colts and Saints fans are pulling out the party gear and preparing for a sports induced adrenline rush at this very moment.  Colts fans this is it, you're ready to cheer until you lose your voice, ready for the party, the commercials and most improtantly the competition, but are you prepared to look the part?

Of course you've got your jersey, its been waiting for this moment to shine, but what happens if the Colts end up winning? You can't wear that jersey out every day ladies, thats just bad fashion.  

The perfect fan fix for such a delima comes in the form of subtle team accents such as Jewelry.  Say It With A Tile on Etsy features a huge sampling of sports inspired glass tile pendants.  Everything from college football to NFL logos can be perserved in a square glass pendant, special orders included. The picture above is a great example of a fun and simple Colts fashion accesory.  Judysjewelsindiana, also on Etsy, has created a beautiful example of fan fashion with her horseshoe bracelet pictured on the right. The bracelet features blue Austrian crystals and measures 7 1/4 inches.  A matching pair of horseshoe earrings can be found in judyjewelsindiana's Etsy shop.

If your still looking for that perfet football fashion accesory search Etsy for some team spirit or visit your local NFL shop,

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