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Super Bowl tweets: Was JCPenney drunk tweeting or using mittens?

JCPenney Super Bowl tweets
JCPenney Super Bowl tweets

JCPenney took some heat for their Super Bowl tweets on Sunday, with many wondering if the person sending out the tweets was drunk tweeting.

At the very least, whoever was manning JCPenney's Twitter account is wearing mittens. Or a toddler.

So much speculation, so many bizarre tweets, including:

Who kkmew theis was ghiong tob e a baweball ghamie. #lowsscorinh 5_0"

If that wasn't confusing enough for you, how about this one?

"Toughdown Seadawks!! Is sSeattle going toa runaway wit h this???"

Apparently the commotion on Twitter finally got the attention of the failing retailer. Almost 30 minutes after their botched tweets, the folks at JCP tweeted:

"Oops...Sorry for the typos. We were #TweetingWithMittens. Wasn't it supposed to be colder? Enjoy the game! #GoTeamUSA"

Team USA? It's the Super Bowl, not the Olympics. But at least they cleared up the drunk tweeting assumption.

The reaction to JCP's tweets was as entertaining as some of the Super Bowl commercials. Although they saved face by letting their followers know they were using mittens, the reaction was priceless.

  • @karengerwin actually first time I’ve been impressed with anything out of @jcpenney
  • @StephaniePelley I get the sense @jcpenney will be firing their social media person by midnight.
  • @brynbrnkmn Go home JC Penney, you're drunk RT @jcpenney: Toughdown Seadawks!! Is sSeattle going toa runaway wit h this???
  • @freespiritniall @jcpenney: Toughdown Seadawks!! Is sSeattle going toa runaway wit h this???” go home ur drunk

Hopefully JCPenney will outfit their social media crew with gloves for the next big event.

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