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Super Bowl: The New Orleans Saints and Abita Beer

Alright Dallas, our beloved Cowboys didn’t make the big game this year but, that doesn’t mean that on Feb. 7 we won’t all still be huddled around our television sets, shouting like drunken Romans cheering on our favorite Gladiators while sipping on a frosty brew. So, the big question is who are our Gladiators going to be and which beverage will coincide with their local customs. If you’re a true Cowboys fan then I imagine you will route for the New Orleans Saints and the NFC. Assuming that New Orleans will be your orientation, we need to talk Abita Brewing Co. located in Abita Springs, LA.
Abita is a local powerhouse in the Louisiana market and rightfully so. With 18 different choices, dark to light, beer, root beer and everything in between, it becomes difficult to find a single flavor to recommend to all but, that is what we are here to do. I present for your approval Abita Amber. A middle of the road Munich style lager; Abita Amber has a golden brown tint with a fresh and smooth taste, a healthy blend of hops and malt. With a flavor that immediately strikes your tongue and bedazzles your senses it is also quick to melt away and refresh your soul as it settles in your stomach.
This is the perfect beer to watch the Super Bowl with; you’ll be pleasantly surprised each time that you take a drink. It doesn’t make you feel bloated, leaving plenty of room for whatever halftime meal you’re prepared to attempt.
Try stopping by Abita’s website at and, using their “Find Abita” function, locating a local distributor near you. If you’re a serious football fan or just appreciate a tasty beer on what should be a national holiday then you won’t bee upset with a little forethought and making sure that you have the right beer for the big game.


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