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Super Bowl: Tale of Two Classes

Talk about Rich Man, Poor Man. Capital Region fans watching the Super Bowl in New Jersey may not know some of the income disparities on display.

There's no middle class at the Super Bowl, it seems
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Here are some numbers.

The current average price for the game is $2,616.

And nobody said a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII was going to be cheap. If you snagged a ticket to the big game at MetLife Stadium, hopefully you saved enough money to treat yourself to a beer and some snacks. And by enough money, really, an entire paycheck.

The going rate for a cup of hot chocolate? $11.00. For a bag of peanuts you’re looking at a $6 spot.

A bottled beer is going for $12, while a premium beer will cost a fan $14.

Following is a rundown of what fans can expect to pay for certain items at the concession stand.

  • Premium Can Beer – $14
  • Bottled Beer – $12
  • Wine – $12
  • Soft Drink – $6
  • Hot Chocolate – $11
  • Peanuts – $6
  • Bottled Water – $6
  • Cheesesteak – $16
  • Meatball Sub – $13
  • Roast Pork Sandwich – $13
  • Souvenir Soup Mug – $20
  • Cup of Soup – $8
  • Buffalo Mac ‘N Cheese – $8
  • Footlong Hot Dog – $13
  • Sausage – $14

And here are some wage numbers:

  • Salary of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: $29 million per year
  • Average NFL player salary: $1.9 million, yearly
  • Salaries of concession, stadium game-day workers: $11,000 a year, on average. Many of these workers are living in low-income subsidized housing.

Sources:,, USA Today

Dave Balog teaches families about money and personal finance.

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