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Super Bowl tailgate tip: Broward Bar-B-Q



  • Ganggreen 6 years ago

    Why don't you lay off Coach Ryan? He's sure accomplished more than a hack like what if he's a little chunky? He's just big-boned.

  • Dolf-fanatic 6 years ago

    BIG BONED??????????????Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  • Tight-end 6 years ago

    Rex Ryan IS a dill-weed, but fining him $50K for flipping a bird at some people is TOO much.

  • Coach Ryan 6 years ago

    I'd looooooove to meet me some Tom Jenkins!

    Agreed Ryan is a turd..... a HUGE turd. But, I love how he stokes the fire. Flipping the bird to Dolfans at the B.A.C? That's great! Saying the Jets are going to beat the Dolphins arse twice next year. That's golden (dellusional, but golden)

    Rex is someone every Dolfan loves to hate. He is great for the NFL.

    Can anyone fine Goodell for excessive fining?
    GoodHell is that guy on one major power trip!

    Jets stink... always will.
    Go Dolphins!

    Where is my Tom Jenkins??!!

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