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Super Bowl Sunday special: What is God's pep talk in the game of life?






Super Bowl XLV has just reached the midway point, and it’s time for the Taylor Swift halftime show! The 2010 season was one of pure pleasure for Packer Backers, and this game is the fitting climax. The Pack is up by three, and it’s time for the coach’s half-time pep talk.

There are times in life when every Christian needs a pep talk. It’s important to know when to exit the field and get away from the crowd – exactly what Jesus did. But he also prayed when he could get away, and that’s when he got his pep talk from The Coach.

What would God’s pep talk sound like on a Super Bowl Sunday? For Packer fans it might sound something like this:

Football is like life. No one can win them all, although there may be that rare “season” of perfection (Miami Dolphins, 1972). Attitude is everything: “Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing." (Lombardi, 1960s).

It’s easy to get distracted, even by those who cheer. They can lull the individual into complacency when he or she gets "ahead" in the game.

It’s easy to get discouraged. Playing conditions aren’t always the best. When a person finds him or herself in the Ice Bowl of Life they need to find the right cleats and the right attitude to dig in and win.

It’s easy to get lazy. Life requires not just physical fitness but also spiritual fitness. God is to be first in the life of the Christian. Then family. Then the Green Bay Packers. (Lombardi, 1960s)

It’s easy to give up. Disease and accidents can take away valuable abilities. Others seem to have these very abilities (like losing Favre, then seeing him in a Vikings uniform). When in such a position the person of faith must recruit new strength and find new abilities to counteract any personal loss. Number 12, coupled with all the other “numbers” might just make for a better person/team!

So hang in there, but don’t just ride out a three-point lead in life. Prepare for the worst, and always “play” at top form – using (and giving) everything God provided.

Remember: Vince Lombardi attended mass daily.

Update: After this article was published Oddsmakers put the Packers 12-to-1 for Super Bowl 45 - same as the Vikings and Cowboys.


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