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Super bowl sunday for couples

Superbowl sunday for couples
Superbowl sunday for couples

The most recent articles addressed the topic of quality time in marriage. On this Sunday, people across the country will congregate in homes and public establishments to watch the battle for the NFL's most sought after trophy. Super Bowl Sunday is a perfect time for couples to have some "shoulder to shoulder time."

Ladies, if your husband is a big football fanatic but you are not, do not allow this difference in interest to stand between spending special time with your mate. Even though his eyes will be glued to the television during every second of the game, including during those wacky commercials, you will still be sharing that time with your spouse.

You do not have to be having a nice quiet dinner and receiving his undivided attention for those football hours to be special.

In one recent article, Barbara Martin,a local marriage and family therapist, emphasized the resulting joy a spouse can feel when he or she sacrifices to do something the other enjoys.

Super Bowl Date Idea: If you and your spouse do not have plans to attend a Super Bowl party at someone's house, you may want to make it a date to visit Time Out, one of the local sports restaurants in Jackson. On Super Bowl Sunday, the restaurant is featuring three steak specials and two plate specials. Enjoy watching the Super Bowl and enjoying "shoulder to shoulder time" with your spouse.