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Super Bowl Sunday: Activities for the non-football fan to prevent boredom

It is that time of year again when football season comes to an end celebrating with the biggest football day of the year; “Super Bowl Sunday”! It is estimated that over 108.4 million people view the Super Bowl game one way or another. This is an extraordinary number of fans, fanatics and sports enthusiasts getting together either at the stadium, in front of their own television sets, at a sports bar or friends house to watch the biggest and most popular game of the year.

What to do if you aren't a football fan and still have fun!

Not everyone though shares those same views. There are millions and billions of other people who just aren’t interested in football. It may be hard to imagine but it is true. The Huffington Post on Jan. 31 has offered other suggestions for non-football fans to keep them occupied and still be able to enjoy their Sunday without being part of the football excitement. Some men, women and children either don’t understand the game or would rather be away from the screaming fans in their household while the game is being aired. Plus, they won’t feel they have to limit their activities so they won’t interfere with the sportsmanship happening in the main room of the house.

Activities for the non-football fan to prevent boredom:

If you are cooking for the party but just don’t want to hang around with all the guys that day, get everything set up and ready to go. Greet all the guests and say your goodbyes to all and head out the door to do something that is more enjoyable for you.

Gather up your children or call ahead and see how many friends want to spend the day together by seeing a movie. This is a great day for going to the movies since most of the moviegoers will be home watching the game. This will allow your group to sit where you want to, you won’t have to hear complaints about noise from others or if your children act up since the theater will practically be empty. After the movie go out to eat for a quiet little lunch or dinner and catch up with friends on what has been happening lately since busy schedules haven’t allowed for many girl out nights or child play dates.

Sometimes families have trouble visiting relatives since everyone has something on their agendas that prevent most of the family from being together. If you haven’t seen a relative in a long time game day is perfect for taking that short road trip and hanging out with a loved one. Take Grandma out to lunch or Aunt Sue to the store if she doesn’t have a mode of transportation of her own. Just being together will make them happy; give you a good feeling while knowing you made them feel good as you spend the day away from the football madness at home.

Get caught up on some paperwork, computer work or reading that has been piling up. Knowing you will have the whole day in the office without interruptions from anyone else will give you the time to get organized and accomplish that stack of papers that seem to slip through the cracks each week.

Go on a shopping spree. There are tons of sales going on this day. It is almost like a holiday for some retailers. Since may people will be glued to their television sets there will be plenty of parking and you won’t be elbowed, pushed, shoved or have to wait on long checkout lines either.

Plan for the next big holiday of the month, Valentine’s Day! Sift through magazines, search online or head out to the store to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Grab a pen and pad and create a menu for the evening or decide where you can afford to go out to dinner to celebrate your loving relationship with fine food.

What are your plans for Sunday?

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