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Super Bowl stars in Winter

Here we are on the eve of Super Bowl XLVIII and I just learned that former NFL great Dwight Hicks formerly of the San Francisco 49’ers is about to star in another movie. Hicks a/k/a Dwight Hicks and his Hot Licks helped lead the 49’s to Super Bowl victories in Super Bowl XIX and XVI. After his football career, Hicks went on to become a popular character actor in films such as The Rock, Jack, Armageddon, and In the Mix. He also made appearances on various television shows, including How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Body of Proof, Cold Case, The Practice, The X-Files, ER and The O.C.. SEE: Now he is one the stars of a new film, “One Heated Winter.”

“One Heated Winter” was written by Ty Mapp with Francois Tremblay and is Directed by Ty Mapp. It is a powerful action crime drama that tells the tale of a woman seeking to avenge the murder of her family. It is being produced first as a short which will be submitted to film festivals with the goal of generating enough interest to ultimately bring it to the big screen as a feature film. As is common these days part of that first important step is a modest fund raising campaign through IndieGoGo. Film aficionados can help the production team get the project done and moving forward. You too can join in by simply going to: You will get a more expansive explanation of the story and meet the entire and very impressive cast.

“One Heated Winter” also stars former Broadway star Dawn Noel, Shelli Boone, CamilleChen, Luis Jose Lopez, and Andre Jackson There are feature films in general release with a far less distinguished cast. Ty Mapp and Dawn Noel are the Producers of “One Heated Winter.”

So if you want to have some serious film fun in 2014 you should seriously get involved with this small but extremely powerful project. Doing that is easy. During half time, go over to your computer and just click on: and join the team. You will become a valued part of a true championship quality team with a real Super project.

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