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Super Bowl SOS: Skin Recovery After the Big Game

Super Bowl Skin Tips
Super Bowl Skin Tips

Regardless of whether you were cheering on the Seahawks or mourning with the Broncos, odds are you’re feeling a bit worse for wear this morning. Super Bowl parties are synonymous with junk food, beer and staying out a bit too late on a Sunday night – all of which can show on your skin. Coming to the rescue is renowned NYC-based dermatologist and author of Skin Rules, Dr. Debra Jaliman. Here, she answers a few post-game questions and offers tips to get your skin back into winning shape.

There have been conflicting reports on this, but does greasy food impact your skin?
Greasy skin doesn't impact the skin particularly but junk food does. For example greasy doughnuts can impact your skin because they are high glycemic.

What about alcohol?
Alcohol affects the skin because it dilates the blood vessels in the skin and makes it red. It also dehydrates you so it dehydrates the skin.

Regardless, the next day you wake up and feel a little… oily and puffy faced. How can you fix that?
You can improve oily skin by using a clay mask to dry out the oil. You can improve a puffy faced by taking an antihistamine or use an ice pack on your skin for 15 minutes.

And what about if you stayed out too late celebrating your team's victory? Anything to conceal the exhaustion on your skin?
To conceal exhaustion on your face after a long night out you can use a brightening product like vitamin C on your skin. You can also use a product with caffeine under your eyes to constrict blood vessels and make your eyes look brighter. Obagi ELASIderm Complete Complex Serum is made with caffeine to help with eye puffiness.

Is there anything you can eat the next day that will help recalibrate your body and skin?
Squeeze a whole lemon into a bottle of ice water to give your skin of vitamin C boost.

What about a treatment that evening?
You can have a Genesis laser procedure which will give your skin incredible glow.

And what should you keep in mind as you head into another big evening or festivity?
Always have a positive attitude as you head into a big evening because that will show on your face. Try to sleep eight hours before the big night because beauty sleep is essential.

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