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Super Bowl snacks for charity? Larry the Cable Guy helps folks by selling chips

Larry the Cable guy knows his fans have the munchies and he doesn’t mind helping filling that void. The entertainer announced on Saturday that he has a new potato chip variety that is coming out soon to add to the already popular line of snacks he has that is sold to help his charity. According to Motley Fool on Saturday, dip, chips, wings, and soda are mainstays of any Super Bowl party so it isn’t surprising that people are looking for new types of chips to put in the bowls on game day.

Larry the Cable Guy sells potato chips for charity
Larry the Cable Guy / Twitter

What is the new flavor of potato chips from Larry the Cable Guy? Well, it is biscuits and gravy that will be added to the already popular line that includes flavors like barbeque rib, cheeseburger and ketchup. Oh, and our personal favorite, dill pickles. While the flavors aren’t typical, they are delicious and help a good cause.
“My Biscuits and Gravy Tater Chips are coming soon! Keep an eye for them!” tweeted Larry the Cable Guy from his official Twitter account on Saturday. Keeping the fans informed everyone is on the lookout for these chips as well as the chocolate covered chips.

Besides tasting delicious and impressing friends during the Super Bowl, purchasing the potato chips helps people as well. Larry the Cable Guy donates a portion to charities, specifically through Git-R-Done. The foundation he started that provides assistance to charitable organizations that need help, particularly those assisting children and veterans.

Check out of Larry the Cable Guy’s chips online or find a store near you. What could be better than great tasting chips, the Super Bowl and helping others all in one afternoon?

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