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Super Bowl reaches new low

Okay, I've written this article before. But I think it deserves a rehash after the spectacle that pretended to be a sporting event yesterday. At some point over the past 40 years, football has become little more than a prostitution racket set up to use and abuse those who actually enjoy watching a game on television. Why is it that people think they will get more viewers for the event by putting on some inane, untalented, ridiculously bad so called musicians and musical groups during a halftime that is far longer than it needs to be simply because advertisers will pay four million dollars a minute?

I think if one looks back at Super Bowl ratings through the years one will notice that the viewership has not increased in terms of share (which is the number that matters) since the 1970's. In fact, in terms of share, number of people watching television watching the Super Bowl, during the 1970's, the share of the audience watching the game was routinely in the 70's. The peak was a 78 share in 1976. Now if I recall, they didn't need a halftime shows featuring either washed up musicians or untalented newcomers to draw attention to the game. Oh, and recently, well, the share has dropped off dramatically since the halftime shows began featuring music performances. The average share is somewhere in the neighborhood of about 65. So for those who don't like this and prefer to use the ratings numbers... Well, now the ratings are in the low 40's when in the 1970's the ratings were in the high 40's.

Okay so there will be the argument that there are more options for viewers. That's a bunch of garbage. The truth is, few people really care about sports anymore because of the attitudes of the majority of the athletes and the prostitution of the sport itself. I won't bother watching. No interest really. No one pays me a million dollars a game to play a sport. I don't hold that against the athletes. I simply believe that they should be grateful and respect the game. I don't need to see dances and other nonsense to be entertained.

Anyway, this is away from the point of this article. Simply put, rock and roll or music in general has no place at a sporting event. Once event organizers start to realize this, they'll stop wasting so much time and focus on presenting a game that people want to watch. Numbers don't lie. The big lie is those who think music needs to be part of what is a wonderful event. It doesn't! It's about time someone with a brain starts to use one to enhance the sport. That's why people tune in. Or more precisely, why they no longer tune in.

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