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Super Bowl: Racism in America Still Prevalent


During the Super Bowl, Coca Cola's commercial depicted the poem "America the Beautiful" being sung in multiple languages.

Shortly after, the company's social networks exploded with comments such as "You lost a customer after the Super Bowl commercial. Honor America next time." and "This is America, it should only be sung in English."

Many people upset with this seem to think that "America the Beautiful" is the National Anthem when in fact, it is simply a poem written by Katherine Lee Bates, a lesbian in the 1920s.

The outrage that so many Americans expressed just goes to show how prevalent racism in America still is. Most people don't think much about it anymore. But just take one look on Coca Cola's Facebook Page, which is inundated with racist and homophobic comments to see that the fight isn't quite over.

The extensive and disturbing racism even got some animal rights organizations upset, the Global Conservation Group released a statement stating "Coca Cola promoted diversity in their content by including multi-languages as well as a same-sex couple. This brings the world one step closer to a kinder, more loving place for everybody. We applaud the company for taking these steps."