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Super Bowl prostitution: New Jersey tries to put a stop to it before it starts

Super Bowl
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

New Jersey is trying to put a stop to the Super Bowl prostitution before it starts. On Jan 6, NBC News shared about how this is a big problem every single year. They have a lot of people coming into town and of course the people involved in prostitution want to take advantage of the crowds.

The game this year will happen on Feb. 2. They know that the increase of people in town will add up to the increase of people pushing prostitution in the area. Law enforcement in New Jersey has worked hard on this problem anyway, but they are now going to increase time spent on it with the big event coming up in less than a month.

It is even being revealed that a lot of people come to the Super Bowl simply to try to have sex with men, women, and even children in sex trafficking rings. Some of them do not even come to watch football at all.

Are you shocked by the Super Bowl prostitution problems they are preparing for in New Jersey? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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