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Super Bowl picks opera star to sing national anthem: Who is Renee Fleming?

Who is Renee Fleming? The Super Bowl XLVIII singer for the national anthem has many people scratching their heads on the choice for the upcoming game on February 2. Who is Renee Fleming? According to NPR on Tuesday the performance will be given by the first-ever opera singer.

Renee Fleming doesn’t have the big star impact of previous Super Bowls. Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Hollywood stars have brought together America during this traditional moment in the past. The upcoming game will be the chance for the 54-year-old artist to make her mark. Renee is considered one of the opera stars who is mainstream enough that a few people will know her name.

So what can Super Bowl fans expect to hear? This year the National anthem might be fair more traditional than previous years. The Soprano is known for musical tastes to be likeable and very fan friendly.

Not everyone is convinced Renee Fleming is a great choice for the musical performance set to be seen by millions for the football game. Most people watching the Super Bowl haven’t been to an opera and few people outside of New York City and Hollywood even recognize her name. Then again maybe it is time football fans hear the national anthem in a more traditional way.

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