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Super Bowl partying, ISOBAG to the rescue

Keep the beer cold and the salsa and guacamole fresh all day with the IsoBag
Keep the beer cold and the salsa and guacamole fresh all day with the IsoBag

What better way to spend Super Bowl Sunday than running a race in the morning then quickly heading over to catch the game at a Super Bowl party?

But, how do you keep the beer cold and the salsa and guacamole from spoiling?

Enter ISOBAG, the super food holder/lunch cooler that takes care of all the details.

I tested mine out on a road trip recently, just to see how it worked. What did I like?

  1. The whole unit is nice and compact and extremely well constructed
  2. Storage containers come with it and fit perfectly into the flat pocket sections
  3. The containers are also microwave safe and non-spill - I tested!
  4. The webbed pockets on the sides can hold water bottles or other drink items, even after they've been opened
  5. Sturdy, various sized pockets, all with zippered compartments, make for safe and separate loading of different types of food or utensils - including plates
  6. It comes with a strap handle, additional shoulder strap (if needed) and re-usable ice packs

My IsoBag sits in a prominent spot on the top of the refrigerator, ready to use at any time. The quality of the whole piece makes you know it will last for a long time. For more information or to purchase one for yourself go to

Disclaimer: I was asked to review this product. I was not paid nor do I stand to gain monetarily from this review.

Bio: Stephanie Atwood is author of the bestselling book Belly Fat Blowout and the sequel Belly Fat Blowout 2, available on Amazon and your favorite online book stores.

Coach Stephanie has more than 30 years experience coaching. The combination of her skills in training and nutrition are unmatched throughout the industry. Coach Stephanie recently introduced a new program - Couch to Accomplished, to assist women in creating complete and meaningful lives, at any age, through movement, inspiration, and nutrition.

Watch for the new website Go WOW Living, coming soon!

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