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Super Bowl Party Food Countdown: Homemade Potato Chips

Super Bowl Party Food Countdown: Homemade Potato Chips
Super Bowl Party Food Countdown: Homemade Potato Chips
Chef Larry Edwards/Casa de Cuisine

There are a few people who actually watch the football game on Super Sunday. For the majority of people, however, it is a time to totally pig-out, swill some suds and the one day a year where commercials are actually worth watching.

The other day I was at one of the local supermarkets and almost went into shock when I looked at the price of a bag of potato chips. You know how many potatoes are used in a bag of chips? About two! You are paying up to five dollars for something you can make at home for less than one dollar and even more important, these things are so easy and simple to make that if you buy them, you are literally throwing money away. Also of note is the fact that if you make them, you are adding years to your life because you won't be adding chemicals and enough salt to dry out the great Salt Lake.

As far as making your own potato chips are concerned, the only special kitchen tool you will need is a mandolin. This is a device used to thinly slice potatoes (or any other item you wish to thinly slice). The French version which I use is quite pricey (over $100.00) but you can buy other types for considerably less at stores such as Bad, Bath and Beyond. You simply slice the potatoes very thinly (if you keep the skins on, then scrub them to remove the dirt) and carefully add them to the oil. Once they have been removed, season them however you like.

Nothing beats the taste of homemade potato. Once you get used to this method of cooking, you can start making sweet potato chips, turnip chips (don't laugh, they're very good) and whatever other chip you'd like to munch upon.

Remember, deep-frying is not an unhealthy way of cooking if done properly. Always make sure your oil is 350 to 360 degrees (depending on what you're frying -- you'll want 350 for potato chips) and your fat intake will be no more than usual and the taste of what you're deep-frying will be fresh and crisp.

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