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Super bowl party cocktails

Well, the time has come. Many fans look forward to the football. Others can’t wait to see the commercials. But what is a Super Bowl party without the food and libations? Regardless of the team you are cheering for, there are tasty drinks to be had for all!

Are you rooting for the Saints? Make it a Hurricane party.

Or you can try one of the oldest drinks around, the Sazerac. It is also the official cocktail of New Orleans.

One can go on and on about drinks that related to New Orleans. After all, it is the Big Easy. There are not as many cocktails related to Indianapolis. But the Colts still have their colors, blue and white. And there are plenty of colorful cocktails to show your team spirit.

Such as the Sapphire Martini.

Or you can try the Colt 45, which isn't referring to the malt liquor forty.

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