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Super Bowl might just be snow, rain free after all

Snow, rain may miss MetLife Stadium during Super Bowl
Snow, rain may miss MetLife Stadium during Super Bowl
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

As of Jan. 29, the Super Bowl is set to live down to months of hysterical hand wringing. Ever since this year's Super Bowl was placed in New Jersey, it seemed like a given that there would be arctic temperatures and a blizzard. However, the latest Weather Channel projections suggest that Super Bowl 48 may just be precipitation free after all.

There is now a 20 percent chance for snow and rain to fall on Feb. 2, according to the Weather Channel. Since there are still a few days left until the Big Game, there's still time for projections to change. However, if they don't, it would mean that months of worst case scenarios about the snow and cold will be for nothing.

This still stands to be the coldest Super Bowl of all time, with temperatures still set to go down to the 20's by the second half. Nevertheless, it would hardly be the coldest NFL game of the last several weeks, let alone in this postseason.

If only rain falls, it would basically make this just like the 2007 Super Bowl in Miami, only with colder temperatures. That might favor Peyton Manning, who won his only Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts in 2007 during a constant rainfall. If that game turns out to have more precipitation than this one, it will certainly make a statement.

The Northeast has been plagued with polar vortexes and big snowfalls for much of the winter, boding ill for the Super Bowl. Yet things are finally looking up now, as it may table the worst case scenarios of moving kickoff up or down 24 hours.

By the time the Super Bowl actually kicks off, it might be more about the game itself than the weather, which would be a relief to the NFL. Of course, if Manning is affected negatively by the cold, as he sometimes tends to be, the weather may play a big part in deciding a champion after all -- albeit not to a blizzard like extent.

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