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Super Bowl let down?

Super Bowl XLVIII
Super Bowl XLVIII
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Come Monday morning, most of the Cal Poly campus was talking about the Super Bowl results. While some cheered, others hung their heads low, and even others just... didn't care.

The final score of a whopping 43-8, Seahawks left many Broncos fans in the dumps. However, their were plenty of students who had long since seen their team get defeated. When asked what he thought about the results, one student said, "I mean, I don't really like either team. I'm a Packers fan, so I'm just looking forward to the exhibition games and preseason so I can see them play again. I wasn't bummed or relieved, but I know a lot of people were rooting for the Broncos."

However, it wasn't just the men that partook in the annual Super Bowl rituals. With bad beer and good times, women joined along in the festivities as well. And while some were equally as nonchalant about the result, one in particular was "stoked" about seeing her Seahawks win their first Super Bowl. "I remember watching the game against Pittsburgh with my dad when I was younger, and now I finally get to celebrate with him. He's been a die-hard fan for years, so I know how excited he was...I was yelling on the phone with him! Great family bonding time."

The North Pacific natives definitely had something to bond over, and it was a good win indeed. However, for the California-born Cal Poly students, it's likely that most of them will be hoping to see some home teams play next year.