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Super Bowl inspired look for Saints fans

So the Ravens almost made it to Super Bowl XLIV, but couldn't quite pull it off. The two teams who made it aren't exactly close enough to call most Baltimoreans attention -- Indianapolis is 509 miles away, and New Orleans, 999.

Are you a Saints fan? If so, this look may be fun to wear tonight.
Photo taken from today's video featured on AvonCalling71's YouTube channel.

Even though I've never lived in New Orleans, I happen to love the city and found this helpful tutorial about how to pull off a Saints-inspired look for tonight's game. To be balanced, I tried to find one for the Colts, too, but didn't find one worth profiling.

For all those Saints fans out there, enjoy! And, sorry to everyone rooting for the Colts.


  • Paulettew 5 years ago

    I'm happy to see that the underdogs won! I really like the tutorial video and the make-up.

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