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Super Bowl hangover costs $825 million in production Monday: Hand them a Sprite

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What will cure that Super Bowl hangover? If businesses wanted to get proactive, they’d supply Sprite for their employees on the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. They might just do that after hearing the latest projected production loss numbers for the Monday after the big game.

According to My Fox on Feb. 3, loss of productivity on the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday costs U.S. businesses $825 million. The Super Bowl hangover causes an estimated 1.5 million to call in sick for work, with another 4 million coming in late for the start of the day Monday.

Workplace experts say it is just something that folks will have to deal with as there’s no way around having that sluggish feeling the day after Super Bowl Sunday. It becomes part of the fabric after watching the big game.

Back around the first of the year, the latest study on hangover cures put Sprite as the best drink to get rid of a hangover. The University in Guangahou analyzed 57 different beverages finding some that were once thought to alleviate a hangover actually exasperated the symptoms instead.

The contents of Sprite worked well when getting rid of a hangover. It was better than any other beverage on the market that had been attached to lessening the effects of the symptoms you get after drinking too much the night before.

There you have it, business owners can get pro-active and pass out Sprite on the Monday after the big game!