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Super Bowl fun for kids

Celebrating the Super Bowl can be fun for parents and kids alike!
Celebrating the Super Bowl can be fun for parents and kids alike!
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Believe Dat?!  The SAINTS!  This Sunday make game day a family event by including the kids in the preparation and activities for Super Bowl XLIV.  Whether you are hosting a large gathering with family and friends or keeping it small, allowing your children to participate will provide great memories for years to come.

Tips for a Child-Friendly Super Bowl Party:

  • Have everyone coming to your party wear their favorite jersey.  It doesn't have to be a Saints jersey either!  Part of the fun is seeing what team your friends and family show up in.  Allow your children to pick their own out, and they'll  wear them with pride!
  • Provide a few football themed arts and crafts.  Wooden popsicle sticks as the goal posts, brown construction paper footballs, and yarn pom-poms are easy and fun for all ages!
  • Decorate a "kids only table" and provide kid friendly snack.  Cheese puffs, cocktail weanies, cheese chunks, crackers, and their favorite veggies with dip are sure to please.  
  • Provide no-spill cups if at all possible.  Write each child's name on their own cup to help keep germs at bay.
  • For dessert, allow the kids to decorate football shaped sugar cookies with white icing and a variety of sprinkles.  Add some chocolate ice cream for an extra treat.
  • Fill a football shaped pinata with stickers, packs of fruit snacks, and other age appropriate goodies. Let the kids bust it open for half time entertainment.
  • Remember to provide a separate TV for the kids if possible.  
  • Fun Jumps seem to be all the rage these days.  They can provide hours of fun for children and adults alike.  The Lafayette area has several Fun Jump business listed in the yellow pages.Call at least three different companies to compare prices.  (If you have several people at your Super Bowl XLIV party, consider a liability waiver)

Regardless of where you are or who you're with on Super Bowl Sunday, make it a pleasurable day for everyone!

Believe Dat!  The SAINTS . . .  Go Black and Gold!!  


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