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Super bowl fun activities for children

Super bowl fun family activities
Super bowl fun family activities

Family and friends often gather together to enjoy watching the Super Bowl. Super Bowl activities can include some fun and active pregame activities for the children. Let the children enjoy the game of "Hot Potato Football."A new twist on this old fashioned game is to have the children stand in a circle or scattered around the room (this is more challenging). The chosen "caller" closes his/her eyes while the players pass around the Nerf football (potato). There are creative ways the players can pass the "potato" such as: hopping on one foot, jumping, turning, walking backwards/sideways, galloping, skipping, etc. When the caller says "Stop", the person holding the "potato" is out. This process is continued until one player is left holding the "potato" and he/she becomes the caller in the next game.

Refer to the link below for more Super Bowl activities for children.