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Super Bowl fitness tips and food swaps

Eat healthy Super Bowl snacks

The big game is on Sunday. How much weight will you gain from eating buffalo wings, beer and nachos? You might think that a single day of gluttony doesn't do that much damage, but why do any damage at all? There are plenty of healthy foods swaps and snack recipes you can use to keep your viewing experience reasonable and you can even burn calories during commercial breaks.

Healthy Super Bowl recipes and food swaps

Whether you are hosting a party or visiting a friend's house, there's no reason to indulge in high-fat, high-salt and high-starch junk food during the game. Instead, choose foods that are high in fiber and high in protein to eat less. Use these snack recipes and food swap ideas to prepare your Super Bowl 2014 snacks.

And don't forget to make better beer choices if you drink. Your total intake from beer alone could top 500 calories if you have one beer during each quarter of the game.

Super Bowl XLVIII fitness tips

You can also stay active to burn calories during the game. If you make the Super Bowl an all-day event, you're probably skipping the gym anyway, so why not get your workout in while you're watching the game? Use a Tabata style mini workout designed especially for commercial breaks to undo any snack damage.

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