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Super Bowl date change: Super Bowl Saturday is 1 of 3 peculiar contingency plans

Super Bowl date change could happen if there's just too much snow!
Super Bowl date change could happen if there's just too much snow!

A Super Bowl date change is a real possibility considering the Super Bowl is scheduled to be held in the dead of winter in New Jersey at an outdoor stadium. Snow could be a game changer and you could be looking at Super Bowl Friday, Super Bowl Saturday or Super Bowl Monday instead of the traditional Super Bowl Sunday, according to Fox News live on Thursday Jan. 23.

The contingency plan has been in place for quite some time because of what the North East can provide on game day by way of weather. As UPI reports today, Super Bowl could feasibly happen anytime between Friday, Jan. 31 and Monday, Feb. 3.

It still can happen on Sunday, Feb. 2 as planned, as the game changer wouldn’t be just a snow storm, but a humongous snow storm that would basically make it next to impossible to safely get around. A Super Bowl date change is highly unlikely, but there's always a chance.

It is all about public safety said Eric Grubman, vice president of business operations for the NFL. Grubman puts it in a nutshell on just what would change Super Bowl Sunday into a Friday, Saturday or Monday. Grubman said:

“What goes into whether deciding to (move) it, first of all, is public safety,” Grubman said. "Unless it was a state of emergency which affected public resources in a way that made it impossible to get the resources here, or any kind of declaration by any of the authorities from the states involved that made it difficult to travel safety to and from the stadium, we would absolutely respect that.”

The goal for the NFL is of course Super Bowl Sunday and that is what they are shooting for by having every resource possible ready to clear snow and ice if Mother Nature decides to throw it their way. It is not unusual for New Jersey or New York to ask folks to stay off the roads during a brutal winter storm and it sounds as if this type of warning would be heeded by the NFL for public safety.

As far as the weather prediction for the big game day, realistically it is still too far off to give an accurate forecast. As the game draws near, the weather it is easier to predict, so needless to say there are many waiting with baited breath for that decisive weather forecast.

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