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Super Bowl date change: Possible 2014 game change due to storms, unlikely chance

A Super Bowl date change may be in order if extreme weather, particularly winter storms, interferes with the expected Sunday, Feb. 2, game day. However, fans of the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII have little to worry about on this front, as current weather models say that severe temperatures or dangerous storms are only an “unlikely chance” that day. Yahoo! Sports reports this Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014, that the NFL has put into place contingency plans in case a game postponement is necessary, and is “embracing the weather.”

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In order for these contingencies to actually occur, severely cold weather or an extreme storm would need to be in the forecast on Sunday, Feb. 2. Fortunately, football fans have luck on their side so far — as of Wednesday, the forecast in East Rutherford, N.J., on game day is set for a high of 40 degrees with only a 30 percent chance of snow or cold rain. The official time of kickoff is 6:25 E.T.

"We are embracing the weather," said commissioner Roger Goodell this Monday in anticipation of the 2014 Super Bowl. "Football is played in the elements."

However, in the odd probability that this “unlikely chance” of bad storm or snow were to hit the area, fans should be ready to watch the game at any time between Friday, Jan. 31 to this Monday, Feb. 3. The NFL has wanted to make it clear that a Super Bowl date change would only be as part of a worst-case scenario.

“NFL officials are hoping fans embrace the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl in league history. They will receive ear muffs, hat, lip balm, mittens, cup holder, scarf, tissues, a radio to listen to the game, hand warmers, a seat cushion and a waist-wrap, quarterback-style hand pocket.”

While these items are meant to keep football fans warm, safe, and comfortable on game day, both Goodell and a number of NFL officials are reminding fans coming to the field to prepare for cold weather in order to enjoy Super Bowl XLVIII.

"I think that the various events that we have are going off without a hitch and in fact have already begun because staging this stadium is an event in and of itself," NFL vice president of operations Eric Grubman said. "We don't have a crystal ball on weather, but we're confident we'll be able to have our events."

Roughly 80,000 fans are expected to arriving to the N.J. stadium for Super Bowl 2014, so it’s fortunate that there’s only an unlikely chance of a Super Bowl date change — a delay might lead to a variety of challenges, including travel, lodging, and ticket alterations.

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