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Super Bowl commercials: Radio Shack showcases almost every '80s star possible

The Super Bowl is a day when the biggest commercials are shown for the whole world to see with some of them being good and others being bad. On Feb. 2, 2014, Radio Shack decided to air a commercial that didn't show the latest technology, the hottest gadgets, or brand new items. They went back in time to showcase the '80s, and it was awesome.

Radio Shack brought the awesome with a return of the '80s.
Radio Shack

Super Bowl XLVIII had some great commercials, but it was Radio Shack that knew how to draw the attention of anyone and everyone watching.

The 2014 Super Bowl commercial aired during the first half and it was to let people know that the electronic store is not obsolete or behind the times. To do that, Radio Shack poked fun at themselves.

A Radio Shack employee answers the phone, and before he knows it, the store is flooded with '80s icons including:

  • Jason Voorhees
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Chucky from "Child's Play"
  • Erik Estrada
  • "Teen Wolf"
  • California Raisins
  • DeVo
  • Sgt. Slaughter
  • Alf
  • Dee Snider
  • Kid 'N Play
  • Bubo
  • The Owl from "Clash of the Titans"
  • Cliff from "Cheers"

There were a lot more and it is fun going back to watch it over and over again to catch them all.

Radio Shack showed the '80s stars taking the "old store" back a few decades by way of a DeLorean, and showing the world that there is a new, sleeker, better Radio Shack ready for business.

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