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Super Bowl commercials: Coke stirs hatred with 'America The Beautiful' rendition

A lot of different commercials have been playing during Super Bowl XLVIII with some good and some bad. There have been movie trailers like for "Transformers: Age of Extinction" and others for numerous products, but none may have garnered more attention than Coca-Cola. The soft drink giant stirred up a lot of hatred online on Feb. 2, 2014, with their multi-language rendition of "America The Beautiful."

Coke tried to send a message, but stirred up a lot of hate.

The spot has been kept under wraps, and they did a great job of keeping it a surprise. Now, that it has been released, they've gotten a lot of mixed reactions.

The Super Bowl commercial from Coke is one simply titled "It's Beautiful." It starts off with "America The Beautiful" being sung in English before changing to a number of other languages including Arabic and Hindi.

Numerous images are shown and present the multicultural makeup of the United States. There are numerous religions and ethnicities shown along with a gay couple as well.

Well, as soon as it aired, the hatred started to spew forth on Twitter, Facebook, and numerous other social media outlets.

A few examples include:

"@theangelwinks: #Coke ad #SuperBowl “@DRichardson94: Some terrorist were singing our song in that coke commercial” interesting reactions smh"

"@runlong01: Super Bowl Coke ad - - I will never drink a Coke product again"

"@blairscott_AL: Coke sings American the Beautiful in foreign languages & now a Cosmos ad? Poor conservatards got it rough this Super Bowl."

These were just some of the tamer reactions.

A lot of people loved the commercial and thought it to be beautiful, but the hatred seems to outweigh the appreciation.

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