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Super Bowl Chap Oscar's Bold Prediction

Oscar The Limo Doctor
Oscar The Limo Doctor
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Chap Oscar is not a big time sports fan or gambler but I am ahead of the curve on this when it come to making bold predictions. The Broncos are a serious threat with Peyton Manning who is an elite quarterback who from my limited vantage point has an admirable character. He threw for an NFL record 55 touchdowns this season. The Broncos have many other solid weapons on offense and defense. My pick is Broncos, 28-24.

It is a question that I'm often asked Chap why does God save people and my answer is we think He saves a person to keep them out of hell. Some think He saves so we experience His awesome love both of these reason are secondary! God saves folks because it is an affront to His holy name that we would live in rebellion against Him. That's why I like sports particularly football where you see and hear players defending their teams. God provides salvation because His Glory is at stake. God is glorified when we believe His gospel, love His Son, and accept His diagnosis of our greatest need, which is bottom line we all need forgiveness of sin. Chaplain Oscar has certainly benefitted from God's provision of salvation and I know that I exist strictly for the glorification of God. Our God like these coaches and determined players have a definite game plan. Please be safe and enjoy this season of love!

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