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Super Bowl Broncos

Everybody everywhere, all over Colorado and through the streets of you feel it? It is beginning as a small rumble under your feet, a low vibration that could be missed for a short time. Now, you have have on one blue sock and one orange sock and the blood begins to move through your feet and you begin to feel the vibration.

Next, Broncos sweatpants or jeans with Broncos sewn onto them and the vibration begins to slowly move through your veins and up your legs. Undershirts or long underwear to help keep your heart warm and your blood flowing. Keeping your heart pumping is vital, especially today because today you need a little extra out of it. Next, Broncos jersey, t-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie. It's coming together.

Scarf, hat, Broncos nail polish, hair paint and face paint. It doesn't matter now, at this point your heart is picking up the vibration that has been traveling all over in every Broncos fan around the world all day. Oh yes, it is time.....feel the energy of hundreds of thousands of people bleeding orange. Yeah! Together we will shout, fight and cheer because now that we are all together, everyone feels the vibration.....The vibration is the charge of the Broncos reigning down from our Rocky Mountains, gathering in numbers in a thundering force.......Hear our thunder! It's the Super Bowl and we won't take it lying down.

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