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Super Bowl Boulevard NYC Worth It for Small Business

The NFL Super Bowl 2014 came to the Tristate Area. As a small business owner, the Super Bowl, you would think, is an event that you should be able to capitalize on when it comes to town. Being an annual event, maybe you have a business in another city and you might consider taking advantage of the upcoming Super Bowl in 2015.

Toboggan Run New York City SuperBowl Bouevard

Super Bowl Boulevard NYC

The actual Super Bowl 2014 Game was in New Jersey but the Super Bowl Boulevard NYC event was primarily between 34 st and 47st on Broadway. There were also a number of other events in various places like the "Taste of the NFL" located at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Pier 12, NFL Honors from Radio City Music Hall, a Super Bowl Gospel series at Madison Square Garden, NFL shop was directly in Macy's on the 4th floor and don't forget the Bud Ship on the West side piers. And of course a host of not directly connected to the Super Bowl 2014 NFL events that were scattered throughout New York and New Jersey.

MY focus for two days was attending the Super Bowl Boulevard NYC and surrounding events and it is was one very very busy place and still not sure if I like it or not. For the most part it was very cold and since it was all outdoors, it got colder the longer you spent out doors. I also attended the events in Bryant Park, the ice skating and the Verizon Power Center which was awesome I might add and it should have been listed on the NFL venues. Along with this there were lots and lots of local vendors doing side business as is apt to happen in the entrepreneurial New York City.

Should you have marketed to the Super Bowl 2014 crowd

However, would it have been worth it for you as a small business owner to participate in the Super Bowl Boulevard NYC activities and the overall Super Bowl 2014 event? Well it was reported that we had $1.5 million visitors for more or less a week and over $300 million in income so it was a success for the Super Bowl 2014 NFL team. The idea for a small business person is to decide how you can capitalize on all the visitors and funds that are spent by the Super Bowl 2014 visitors in a very short space of time.

Take a gander through the attached Super Bowl Boulevard NYC video, it was a lot of fun to attend and you can see what type of business participated. The goal for you would be to find a way to participate in the next Super Bowl Boulevard experience and the overall Super Bowl activities. .

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