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Super Bowl: Battle between Christian qbs Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson

Peyton Manning.....arrives at New York/New Jersey for Super Bowl.
Peyton Manning.....arrives at New York/New Jersey for Super Bowl.
USA Today

The two quarterbacks facing off in this week's Super Bowl are both Christians, according to an article in the Christian Post. Peyton Manning, who leads the Denver Broncos, says he may be quieter about his beliefs than some other NFL players like Reggie White was, but he lists faith, family, friends and football as the priorities in his life in that order.

Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, also said recently he is a Christian on a videotape made by Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll and several of his teammates plus an assistant coach.

On the videotape Wilson said, "Jesus is love. At the end of the day, we are all looking for someone to comfort us, somebody to be there for us at all times."

Wilson has believed in God throughout his career when NFL scouts didn't seem to believe in him. Despite the fact he had the unusual accomplishments of being voted Most Valuable Player in the ACC and again in the Big 10 when he played for Wisconsin, the scouts underrated him because of his size and he wasn't drafted as high as he should have been.

Manning, who will be playing in his third Super Bowl, said he has been a Christian since the third grade when he accepted Christ in a church in New Orleans. In the book "Manning" which he co-wrote with his father Archie Manning in 2001, he devoted several pages to his belief in Christ.

While saying he was quieter in his faith than many other NFL players who pointed to heaven when they score a touchdown, he believes his faith is just as strong as theirs. The Bronco leader said he prefers to let his actions speak for his Christian life rather than his words.

Wilson and his teammates agreed with an assistant coach on the videotape that Jesus Christ was more important to them than winning the Super Bowl.

Whoever wins the Super Bowl, it is clear that both quarterbacks believe Jesus is more important than the final outcome of this one game.

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