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Super Bowl and Pro Bowl traveler information

As this year’s holiday travel at Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) comes to an end the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl travelers will be packing soon. This increase in passenger travel can cause a lot of congestion at the security checkpoints. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has also increased security measures following the failed attempt of the Christmas Day bomber. It is suggested to factor in time and patience into your travel plans for traveling and to plan in advance by viewing the TSA web site.

FLL has a good variety of gift shops and restaurants to enjoy during departure and arrival. The airport is just minutes from the beach, a beautiful and tranquil setting for dining and shopping in the evening. It’s also just a short drive to the Dolphin Stadium. All travelers should plan ahead and contact their respective airline to help make Super Bowl and Pro Bowl travel as quick and painless as possible. To find out more of what to do while in south Florida check out the interactive visitors map, click here.