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Super Bowl ads too expensive? ‘Kimmel’ spoofs ads with 1 second blitz (video)

A 30-second spot for the Super Bowl is worth over 2 million dollars and some advertisers can’t afford the fees. While that might mean that there is no advertising for certain products, Jimmy Kimmel has come up with a great solution. On Thursday night, the comedian offered up a way that advertisers could come together and share their product in 1-second increments.

Sounds crazy? Well, the spoof on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” might be the way of the future if the Super Bowl ads keep getting so expensive. Coming together the ads could offer a glimpse – in a one second increment – that would show the product and give people incentive to take a look. In Kimmel’s spoof video there were current products featured with emphasis on cars, beer and even food.

While Super Bowl Sunday is all about the big game, as Kimmel points out the pop culture aspect of the big game is the commercials. Yet, being the ads are so expensive the smaller companies are being priced out of the competition. Offering one second increments might be the way to go!

Take a look at the video clip of the Super Bowl ads spoof. It’s laugh out loud funny! And totally to the point!

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