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Super Bowl ad for Dannon Oikos reunites members of 'Full House' cast; sneak peek

Unless you lived under a rock in the 90's then you should be quite familiar with the hit sitcom "Full House".

Full House Super Bowl ad
Full House Super Bowl ad

The theme song itself is probably something you can sing off the top of your head and your kids probably watch the show on Nick every night as well. I know mine does.

The show about a widowed father raising his three young girls with the help of his best friend and brother in law was extremely popular in the 90's and in reruns today.

Now you can get a glimpse of some of the cast members from the show during Super Bowl XLVIII with a new ad by Dannon for their Oikos yogurt.

Full House dad, Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey are reunited once again for the ad that makes you believe that they still live together in their San Francisco townhouse and never left.

John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse is an Oikos spokesperson and reunites with Bob Saget and Dave Coulier during the ad as they hang out in the kitchen eating a late night yogurt snack.

Dressed in their jammies watching the big game, Uncle Jesse asks if they are ready for bed as Joey sitting on the counter nods and yawns, Danny then asks them;

"Don't you think it's time we all get our own places?"

They all look at each other and all say;


The rest of the commercial can be seen on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014 or you can see the exclusive preview on Good Morning America, January 29 when John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget join GMA live in their studio to talk about the commercial and getting back together after the show.

Full House can be seen weeknights on Nickelodeon.

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seahawks and the Broncos will be aired on Fox, Sunday, February 2, 5:30 PM from the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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