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Super Bowl ad 1 million: $200 Doritos Super Bowl ad could net man, partner $1M

A Super Bowl ad could win a man 1 million dollars -- and it only cost him $200 to film it. On Jan. 5, FOX Sports reported that Raj Suri used director Ryan Thomas Anderson's son and dog in the video which was pretty simple -- but the video (which was entered into a Super Bowl ad contest) could win Raj and Anderson quite a handsome prize. And to think that it only took them 8 hours to shoot...

"Suri's commercial involves a boy with a homemade time machine and a scheme to get his hands on an unsuspecting man's chips," FOX Sports reported -- you can check it out on the video above.

The Super Bowl ad hasn't gotten 1 million views on YouTube but it is approaching 500,000. People seem to really like it and the feedback for Suri and Anderson's creation has certainly been positive. The other videos in the contest are good but they just don't seem to hold up in Suri's opinion.

Of the competition Suri says that the other videos "are pretty good, but when I look at it objectively I think our spot has the most universal appeal." All of the video creators will be flown to New York to watch the big game live from the Doritos suite. There they will learn which one of them is a new millionaire.

All of the Super Bowl ad 1 million dollar contest entries can be seen here. Who do you think will win?

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