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Super Bowl 2014 weather: Just bring the sunscreen, forget warming cushions

Super Bowl 2014: Sunny and 50 degrees forecast, get your sun screen ready!
Super Bowl 2014: Sunny and 50 degrees forecast, get your sun screen ready!
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Super Bowl 2014 weather can almost be called uncanny for the middle of the winter in New Jersey. Who would have thought you’d be thinking about sunscreen if you were headed out to MetLife stadium to be in the stands for Super Bowl XLVIII?

According to The Weather Channel on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, the weather is expected to be partly sunny with temperatures around 50 degrees. Some of the local stations are pushing the number up a few degrees warmer in their forecasts. This Super Bow Sunday is better temperature wise than some of the Super Bowl games that have been played down south in the past, according to on Feb. 2.

The coldest Super Bowl in history so far was the Super Bowl VI in New Orleans, when the temperature was only 39 degrees at kickoff. The weather is more than cooperating with first open-air Super Bowl in a cold-weather climate.

As "Fox and Friends Weekend" live on Sunday morning suggests, Sunday's weather is great and people have dodged the "snowy bullet" which is due into the New Jersey area on Monday. This might make for some slow going for the ride home on Monday for the folks staying overnight in the Super Bowl area. That's not the case for Super Bowl Sunday though, it's beautiful outside.

As far as sunscreen, well you never can be too safe, but the UV index for Rutherford, New Jersey is low for today. The Weather Channel has it hitting only the number 2 on the scale of 1 to 10 for UV ray exposure. Many folks wear sunscreen all year round in any type of weather, so it might not be a bad idea to smear a little if you are headed out to MetLife Stadium, if only to get you in the spring-like mood!