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Super Bowl 2014 Wacky Wagers for Broncos-Seahawks

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Super Bowl XLVIII “wacky wagers” or “novelty props” are posted at several sportsbooks. Though sharp football bettors are more preoccupied with the Seahawks-Broncos side and total pick, there are plenty of fun odds for the more casual bettor.

You know that ubiquitous biddy who is inhaling cheap wine at every Super Bowl party, then proceeds to announce just before kickoff, “I have no idea who is playing in this game and I could not care less,” before plopping down on the best seat in the house at the end of the couch next to the end table? There are plenty of stakes for her too. They only sure bet is the battle-ax will not give up her seat.

The proverbial “heads or tails” on the coin flip has most sportsbooks with the line as the pick ‘em -110. Respected sports betting writer David Purdum (@DavidPurdum) reports, “There have been twice as many bets on ‘tails’ in early Super Bowl coin flip action at LVH (Las Vegas Hilton.) Prop usually generates about $75K.”

Almost as sought after as Billy Walters Super Bowl pick is the over/under on the length of the National Anthem. Opera singer Renee Fleming will belt out The Star-Spangled Banner, but will it exceed the oddsmakers’ two minutes and 25 seconds?

Not only is 32 degrees Fahrenheit the freezing temperature, but it is also the posted total of the kickoff temp.

The last month or so has shed light on Peyton Manning saying, “Omaha” in calling out the offensive signals for the Denver Broncos. Of course, there has to be a prop on how many times he will utter such during the Super Bowl. The over/under is 27.5.

Action on whether the Red Hot Chili Peppers will go shirtless during their routine and which song Bruno Mars will sing first are among the possibilities. “Locked out of Heaven,” is the ditty that linesmakers say is the likely first crooned.

In an ante that could go up in smoke--so to speak--the odds of an announcer saying, “marijuana” during the broadcast is -700 for “no” and +400 for “yes.”

There are even the crazy cross-sport bets such as what will be higher, the total points scored by the Broncos in the first half or the Gold Medals won by the USA during the Sochi Winter Olympics. There are sundry Richard Sherman ventures, including on whether he gets a taunting penalty with “no” being -700.

Of course, there are more traditional bets based on how each key player performs. But Vegas and offshore parlors ensure there are possibilities even for the couch hogging wino who only comprehends that, “I do know however that somebody named Manning plays for one of the teams.”


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