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Super Bowl 2014 ticket prices breaking records even without heat included

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Super Bowl 2014 ticket prices are not for the weak at heart, as taking out a second mortgage on your home might be the only way for the average Joe to purchase a ticket to the biggest sports event of the year. This year folks will pay astronomical prices for Super Bowl tickets and the price won’t even include heat, as the game is held in an outside stadium in the dead of winter in the heart of New Jersey.

According to The Inquisitr on Jan 20, stadium seating starts at $3,637, which is the price for a seat in the lower levels of the stadium. For a mere $25,500, a 50-yard line seat can be yours, but the quint essential seating at the 2014 Super Bowl would be a spot in the level 3 suite that holds 30 people. The entire suite can be yours for $565,791. The Inquisitr did the math, so when broken down each seat in that suite of 30 costs $18,859.70 per person. Prices for the Super Bowl 2014 seats are up about $500 per seat in comparison to last year’s Super Bowl.

The most expensive and the most elite seat in the Meadowlands Stadium is the Commissioners Club Suite. This suite costs $350,000 for the entire New York Jets or Giants season. For the Super Bowl, the price ranges from $842,000 to more than $1 million. This is to watch a three hour game!

According to, the Super Bowl XLVIII is “on pace to be the most expensive National Football League title game in history.” Traditionally the ticket prices “plunge in the days after the conference championship games when the market for seats is at its smallest,” but that is not happening so far this time around. The prices are not likely to go any higher, but they are expected to hold around the price they are at today.

An analyst for Seatgeek, Conner Gregoire, said that the only culprit looming that could “torpedo prices” of the tickets is a good old-fashion snow storm or an unbearable cold front settling in the area. As of Monday, Jan. 20, more than 12,000 tickets for the 2014 Super Bowl remain available from the various ticket resellers.



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