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Super Bowl 2014, commercial: Volkswagen, angels and rainbows 'oh my'

Yesterday, Volkswagen released a commercial for Super Bowl XLIII that is as brilliant as it is catchy.

Volkswagen buys 60 seconds of angelical laughs

The commercials idea is harnessed from the movie, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, featuring the well known one-liner, “every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

Giving a fresh and funny spin to this narrative, Volkswagen captures that moment when a dad realizes his daughter isn’t buying his fairytale, nonsensical idea that Volkswagen’s engineers become angels when a Volkswagen is still reliable at 100,000 miles.

This VW’s Super Bowl 2014 commercial is choc full of hilarious moments, like a male engineer sprouting wings at a urinal while a colleague in the same bathroom gives him an awkward stare. Then they capture a classic elevator scene, a male VW engineer’s wings push out so fast they accidentally smack a female colleague's bootie and he gets smacked right back. Then it goes back to reality, or is it?

The daughter snaps her dad out of his grossly overdone narrative, and states, “ya dad and I'm sure at 200,000 miles a rainbow will shoot out of their butts.” VW didn’t end there, literally. They let that rainbow actually happen, but guess you’ll have to watch the commercial to see that ending.

Volkswagen Super Bowl commercials haven’t always been this good. VW seems to design them around well-known one-liners. Look at VW’s 2013, Super Bowl commercial built around the famous song, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy,’ that dares to suggest the idea that if a person drove their car(s), they would have no problems. It fell short of hilarious, especially when compared to this year's commercial.

Lets see if Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 advertisement will be viewers top choice this year.

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