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Super Bowl 2014 ads: 12 commercials that you 'must-see' for Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl ads, or Super Bowl commercials, these are not just 30 or 60 seconds worth of interruption when it comes to the biggest game of the year. Many folks look forward to the Super Bowl ads as much as they do the big game because the advertising is the cream of the crop.

Super Bowl 2014 ads: Puppy Love from Bud is one of the favorites this year.
YouTube screen shot

These commercials offer some of the funniest, wittiest and most creative ads that you've ever seen and they all come out of Super Bowl Sunday so you get to see them all in one night.

Cute babies, cute animals, sexy women an sexy men, they are all a part of what draws the viewers to the ads and while some are already starting a buzz online, there are a few others that are worth noting today suggests the Deseret News on Jan. 31. Could the "Seinfeld" reunion that Jerry Seinfeld himself has promised to air "very, very soon" be a Super Bowl ad that's been kept top secret?

Chobani Yogurt bear: A hungry bear is after only one thing, in this Super Bowl ad for Chobani yogurt. Watch the video above to see this video.

Full House Reunion: All of them are here, the folks that lived together and had the funny uncles entertaining the masses This time it is for Oikos Greek Yogurt.. Check out the Super Bowl Full House Reunion ad here.

Cheerios: This is already starting a controversy with their new ad, which is a bit ridiculous because it is adorable. Somehow politically, a group of folks have their panties in a bunch over this ad. You can see the Cheerios ad here.

Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Puppy Love: They went adorable this year with a Golden Labrador courting a Clydesdale, which make for odd bedfellows, but it also makes a great Super Bowl ad. You can check out the Budweiser ad here.

Nestle's Butterfinger: This commercial looks like it is advertising a new sexual device instead of candy. It is one bizarre way to try and entice folks to buy a candy bar. Wait until you see the husband and wife come out of what looks like a sex therapist's office with a huge salami. The look on the wife's face says it all. This doesn't make sense for candy, but check it out and see what you think. Watch the Butterfinger ad here.

H&M: This is an interactive commercial for the folks that own a Samsung Smart TV. Fans with one of these TVs can order from their remote control what soccer star David Beckham is selling, but for the rest of the nation, watching Beckham model "bodywear" is always a treat! Watch David Beckham with H&M here.

SodaStream: Scarlett Johansson talks about the benefits of this at-home soda machine. Check out the SodaStream ad here.

Beats Music: Everyone is talking about this commercial today, with Ellen DeGeneres imagining Goldilocks. Check out the Beat Music ad here.

Kia: They will introduce the luxury K900 sedan and this ad has Lawrence Fishburne in his "Matrix" role of Morpheus with an opera voice that may curl your toes! Check out the Kia commercial here.

Wonderful Pistachios: Comedian Stephen Colbert in two ads during the Super Bowl. This ad is described as Colbert "running amok." Check out the Super Bowl for Wonderful Pistachios here.

Anna Kendrick's 'non-Super Bowl' Super Bowl commercial: You can check this Anna Kendrick Super Bowl ad out here. This ad is suggested as a "must see" by CNN.

Muppets steel a car: CNN also suggest this as a Super Bowl ad to watch. Check out the Muppets ad here.

Chrysler: They know how to do Super Bowl ads and this year they've got it right again. Their ad, or possibly two is expected to be a complete surprise.

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