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Super Bag Holder

When you carry groceries, the plastic bags can cut into your hands. Here is Alex Kim's story:

And so began the adventure of the Super Bag Holder...
32 pages of sketches, an untold number of prototypes sculpted out of solid plastic materials... My router, drill press, scroll saw, mini sander-grinder, Dremel & sandpaper were my only tools.
A dozen working models were made & tested for fit & function. Bag handles held in the same directions as one would without the device was the 1st design criteria. The 2nd was to have bags stay securely in place once attached. The 3rd was to have the handle be light in weight, with no sharp edges & very compact. The Super Bag Holder carries the weight pivoted directly under the mid-point of the users hand, thereby causing no strain on the wrist. The user of the Super Bag Holder can now comfortably carry much more by spreading the carried weight over an area 80 to 100 times the thickness of most shopping bags.

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