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Suor Cristina – What Some Lapsed Catholics Can Do

When Suor Cristina Scuccia first appeared on Italy’s The Voice on March 19, 2014 she brought famed rapper and proclaimed “atheist” J-Axx to tears. After a series of questions following her mind-bending performance of “No One” by Alicia Keyes about the true nature of her calling (was she really a religious sister, what was she doing on The Voice, what does the church think about her decision to perform, etc…) Suor Cristina Scuccia announced that she is a “verissima” sister (very real and true), that she’s been given a gift by God, and that the church’s call to evangelize using our talents brought her to the stage. Her humility, her genuine sweet nature, and her powerful voice were an unprecedented addition to The Voice in Italy and worldwide. J-Axx, the co-host who was the first to turn around to see her was visibly overcome with emotion. Suor Cristina chose him to be her coach.
View the performance that rocked Italy and the world here:

Last night, Suor Cristina’s triumphant victory over her competitors for the final competition took no one by surprise but her choice of acknowledgement “speeches” was also a first at music competitions of this nature. Suor Cristina asked everyone to join hands and pray, thanking God by reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Though she graciously thanked everyone for their support she gave credit and special thanks to the One above and asked that His will be done. Italian Side calls her “The Voice of Italy” and acknowledges that her fan base was not limited to Italy alone but spanned the entire globe.
Check out the finale of The Voice at:

Suor Cristina confesses that she herself was once a lapsed Catholic but God called her back to the faith and to a religious life. God did not stop there. He endowed her with a mighty voice and a charismatic personality that could bring a grown man, fellow musician, and one whose faith is now relegated to “the devil” as he stated in his first encounter with the young Ursuline nun to a moving and tender response. Judging from the emotion she evoked from J-Axx’s heart through God’s will, he may not be relegated to such realms at all.
Pope Francis reminds all of us that we have an obligation to evangelize to the ordinary people of this world with the gifts he has given us. If this experience with Suor Cristina is anything to go by, we should find encouragement in our own abilities to touch the heart of just one person. It is very inspiring to witness the chemistry between a modern rapper and a devout little nun from Sicily. God works in mysterious ways – even through lapsed Catholics.

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