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SUNY Potsdam filled to capacity

New students coming into SUNY Potsdam are getting finding themselves in unconventional living arrangements.

With a record group of 900 incoming freshmen arriving for the Fall 2010 semester, residence life staff has been working diligently to convert student lounges, normally used for student socializing, into 3-person rooms.

The effort to create additional housing is the result of the large incoming class, paired with the large renovation project currently taking place on the Bowmen West dorm building. As part of a five year long project, the Bowmen Hall complex is getting a much needed face lift. The first phase of the project, the Bowmen East wing, was completed over the summer, and work has begun now on the the west side before the construction begins on the high rise on the south side.

The renovations have resulted in the loss of 200 much needed beds on campus, leaving many students, and parents, concerned over the housing for new students. 

In all, 30 common areas will be equipped with new carpets, phone and internet lines, and will accommodate 100 incoming students. The move came an alternative to cramming a third person into rooms designed for only two residents.

SUNY Potsdam requires that students live on campus for two years. Conversion of the common areas is in an effort to keep older students who still desire to live on campus from having to leave.

Plans of what to do with the rooms next year will depend on the number of incoming students. Decisions on how to handle the rooms, whether they will act as dorm rooms or as common areas, will be decided once the numbers become available.


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